Young Aviation Professionals - YAPs!

Upcoming YAP Events

October 17
YAP Panel at ATCA Annual, with YAP Tower Talks in the Aireon Theater, 3-4 p.m.


Lunch and Learn with Ali Bahrami at CSSI Inc.

DCA Tower Tour and the ATCA holiday open house

February 1, 2018
YAP Field Trip to UFA

March 29, 2018
YAP Field Trip to MITRE

ATCA's Young Aviation Professionals

YAP Rooftop Reception: September 14, 2017

Last year, nearly 100 young aviation professionals and seasoned industry leaders alike gathered on the beautiful rooftop terrace of 600 Maryland Ave., SW. There, big names and soon-to-be big names met and mingled in a relaxed atmosphere. This year, we're excited to welcome you all again. As the industry changes, along with faces and titles, we're excited to once again connect the people who connect the world's airspace.

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YAP July Lunch & Learn: ATC 101 with RTCA's Al Secen

 See Al's presentation HERE.

YAP Panel at ATCA's Tech Symposium 2017:

Continuing the dialogue about our industry and how we fit in.


YAP Rooftop Reception 2016: It’s amazing where a conversation can lead

ATCA’s Young Aviation Professionals (YAPs) said goodbye to the long summer’s humidity and hello to their 75+ closest friends. The mood was ebullient (word of the day perhaps?) and for once, the weather cooperated. Everyone was thrilled to once again stand outside without sweating profusely and it showed; it felt like a reunion of old friends. In the span of a half hour, and without much effort, I got another article for ATCA’s 
Journal of Air Traffic Control (shameless plug here), an idea for a future YAP event, copious photos of the Capitol sans scaffolding, some truly spectacular meatballs, and vented about our industry’s overuse of the word collaboration. It was glorious and, dare I say, fun (even though I was technically working).

That’s the thing about networking (another overused word): The best kind happens without hardly trying. You find a kindred spirit on a roof and suddenly you have another friend. You see that friend at the ATCA Annual, and then again at World ATM Congress March in Madrid, Spain – okay, I’ll stop). And what links them together? A simple but stellar conversation you had at the YAP Rooftop Reception. 

In the end, it shows that our events aren’t all that different. They’re all forming a dialogue about our industry and where we fit in it. So, why not come to Annual to see your friends and participate in the conversation? Visit for more information.

Sign up as a YAP and receive free Hall entry! Download the form here. Once complete, send to Tim Wagner at ATCA.

What is YAP?

ATCA's Young Aviation Professionals (YAP) is a group focusing on developing the industry’s newest leaders. Industry representatives have partnered with the Air Traffic Control Association to further your career. Its mission is to foster the next generation of aviation leaders by empowering young professionals with the knowledge, exposure, and relationships to tackle critical aviation challenges over the course of their careers. Interested in attending more YAP events? Sign up to receive our emails.

Past Events

ATCA's Annual Rooftop Reception 2015
Thank you to all the YAPs who came out to the Annual Rooftop Reception! Interested in attending more YAP events? Sign up to receive our emails.


Knowledge: Providing the leader of tomorrow with access to events and information to foster knowledge.

  • Experiential learning events
  • Speaker Series
  • ATCA access (with benefits such as the opportunity to serve on committees, receive The Journal of Air Traffic Control, and much more).

Exposure: Providing young professional access and exposure to leaders in the aviation profession.

  • Roundtables with the leaders in aviation
  • ATCA volunteering opportunities
  • An annual Event involving meet-ups with the VIPs in Industry

Relationships: Providing a network for young professionals with diverse backgrounds.

  • Networking Happy Hours
  • Philanthropic Volunteering Opportunities

YAP routinely looks for sponsors to support our work. Sponsorships are event-specific, and we strive to provide outstanding recognition to those who enable our events.

If you have access to a unique facility, would like to invite YAP members to an existing event, or would like to speak on a topic, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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  • Welcome to the ATCA