Sponsor Exhibitors' ATCA Annual Promotional Opportunities

Returning sponsor exhibitors recognize how important it is in this economy to maintain your degree of exposure – and reinforce to your customers the vitality of your company.
If you are new to the ATCA Annual Conference and Exposition, or did not exhibit/sponsor last year, we encourage you to take the worthwhile next step and participate in our 2021 sponsor exhibitors' promotion program.
ATCA’s team has put together affordable sponsor exhibitor offerings to match your budget goal.

Check out the great opportunities ! 



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Once your sponsor exhibitor contract is confirmed, ATCA will add your company name and logo to conference website.
Some promotions are exclusive and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss out, act today!

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Exhibitor and Sponsorship Deliverable Details

Get the details, due dates, specifications, and more information for your exhibitor sponsorships and special event sponsorships! 

• For downloadable/printable details on your Platinum Exhibitor Sponsorship click here

• For downloadable/printable details on your 
Gold Exhibitor Sponsorship click here

• For downloadable/printable details on your 
Silver Exhibitor Sponsorship click here

• For downloadable/printable details on your 
Bronze Exhibitor Sponsorship click here

• For downloadable/printable details on your Women in Aviation Networking Event Sponsorship and/or your ATCA Awards Event Sponsorship click here

Sponsored eBlast for ATCA Annual

eBlast Availability Schedule

ATCA annual’s eBlast opportunities are currently sold out.

eBlast Production Requirements

Email blast content in HTML format 
The best practice is if you host this on a back/hidden page of your/your client’s website and send us the link. That makes the images appear correctly since they are most likely coming from your server). It should help the design team to know that we use the Constant Contact platform.
If you are unable to design/host your eBlast graphics on your own, ATCA will not be able to design this in HTML for you.
However, you may provide us with:
• A plain text headline – up to 45 characters will work. Short and scannable helps with the email title.
• Body copy – There is no limit to body copy, but generally people won’t want to scroll too much. 3- 4 paragraphs work, also a bullet point list in the middle is effective.
• A header image at 600 pixels wide, 300 dpi, and we will upload this into Constant Contact
Subject Line
Please give us an eye-catching subject line to use for the eBlast.
Email address 
We do not need and email address from you for the email blast - The email will send from our email vendor, Constant Contact. The ATCA email will appear in the “From” field, and we will note that we are sending it on your behalf.
Physical/Street Address of your Company

(We need your address, as this is required by our email server for anti-spam laws).


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