ATCA wants to recognize the research, knowledge, and hard work of the air traffic community. The Annual Conference Proceedings do just that - and now is the time to submit your findings in a paper written for distribution at the ATCA 60th Annual Conference and Exposition.

Time is of the Essence.
Submit your paper by September 18, 2015, and be considered for a first, second, or third place ranking among your peers. Submit proceedings to with an attached COPYRIGHT form.
Evaluation Criteria.

Papers will be judged using a matrix evaluation the following areas:

  • Technical Merit: Does the subject matter advance the sciences?
  • Impact on Aviation: What is the likelihood of creating changes and being embraced by a larger segment of the industry?
  • Currency/Timeliness of Topic: Is the paper in the right position in terms of timeliness to cause change?

All papers - regardless of ranking - will be included in an electronic distribution to Annual attendees. The winning paper will be featured in an upcoming issue of The Journal of Air Traffic Control.

A Broader Audience.
This year, the ATCA 60th Annual Conference and Exposition is co-located with the Civil Military/Aviation Conference for the first time in the association's history. Your findings will be available to an even broader audience. Make your voice heard!


ATCA Conference Proceedings from the 59th Annual Conference & Exhibition
Download the ATCA Conference Proceedings from the 58th Annual Conference & Exhibition here (PDF version).
Download the ATCA Conference Proceedings from the 55th Annual Conference & Exhibition here (PDF version).

All copyright agreements or arrangements involving a “work for hire” must be contained in a written document. The ATCA Conference Proceedings is considered a work which is commissioned with or without remuneration, and written for publication in a collective work, such as Air Traffic Control Quarterly, The Journal of Air Traffic Controlor ATCA Conference Proceedings.

Therefore, it is important that you complete the enclosed form and return it to ATCA with the final draft of your paper so that your contribution may be included in the ATCA Conference Proceedings. Click here for the Copyright form

Although copyright protection is not available for works produced by the U.S. government, authors employed by the federal government are required to complete other portions of ATCA’s copyright form, including a statement that the work is a product of the U.S. government and that therefore copyright does not pertain.

If you are employed with private industry, and you prepared your paper as a part of your job, the rights to your paper initially rest with your employer. In that case, when you sign the copyright transfer form, we assume you are authorized by your employer to do so, and that your employer has consented to all of the terms and conditions of this form. If not, it must be signed by an authorized party in your company.

ATCA looks forward to receiving and publishing your paper, and sharing it with air traffic control and aviation personnel throughout the world.

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  • Welcome to the ATCA