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As a member of ATCA, you become part of the ever-evolving development of solutions for global air traffic management. Your access to ATCA committees, publications and meetings will increase your awareness of today's aviation environment and current work towards improving ATC safety, efficiency and capacity.


By joining ATCA, a non-profit, non-government, professional association, you will be supporting an organization that believes open communication is the best way to ensure progress in the global aviation community. ATCA provides unlimited opportunities for participation and commitment to this ideal.

  • The opportunity to participate in ATCA's Annual Conference and Exposition. The Annual Meeting provides each member with the opportunity to express his/her views to ATCA's officers and Board. The International Technical Program provides a forum for discussing key issues that affect the future of the U.S. National Airspace System and global ATC systems. The Technical sessions provide a national and worldwide focus on significant plans, programs, activities and capabilities in ATC. The ATCA exhibit hall features the largest assemblage of ATC exhibits in North America.
  • The Annual Awards Luncheon and Banquet recognize those who have made significant contributions to air traffic control and safety.
  • Participate in ATCA's International Technical Conference and Exhibits. These events provide a forum for discussion of key issues that affect the future of the Global ATC System in venues outside the US.
  • Participate in National/International Symposia addressing various aviation-related subjects.
  • Receive the ATCA Bulletin, ATCA's monthly newsletter which contains reports on national/international ATC developments of interest and timely information on ATCA's activities as well as news affecting the association's membership. You will also receive ATCA's quarterly Journal of Air Traffic Control which contains scholarly articles and news reports on significant advances, developments and techniques of interest in the field of air traffic control.
  • Benefit by the products of ATCA's coordination/collaboration with the Department of Commerce, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Trade and Development Agency regarding export of U.S. aviation-related products to satisfy international civil aviation requirements.
  • You will receive access to abroad spectrum of individuals engaged in every facet of aviation and the air traffic control profession:
    • Air Traffic Control Specialists
    • Air Traffic Control System Managers
    • Flight Service Station Specialists
    • Airway Facility Technicians
    • Military, Commercial and Private Aircraft Pilots and Operators
    • Academic Institutions
    • Aviation Associations, Aviation Press and Publications
    • Aircraft Manufacturers
    • Engineering and Manufacturing firms
    • Federal, State and Local Government agencies and representatives
    • Scientists


Questions? Please contact ATCA Director of Membership Tim Wagner at or call 703-299-2430 ext. 314.


  • Welcome to the ATCA
  • Welcome to the ATCA