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ATCA's Award 2024 Nomination period opens in June.

The Awards nomination period is from June 12th - July 19th, 2024. Please read the submission rules below. If you have any questions about submitting a nomination, please contact ATCA at 703-299-2430 or email

Nominations for all Awards shall be submitted via the online nomination form which is available at the link below:

Click Here To Go To The Online Nomination Form


The goal of ATCA's awards program is to give special recognition to those persons and/or organizations engaged in the development, operation, or maintenance of the worldwide air traffic control system for outstanding achievement. From heroic air traffic control saves to industry and small business contributions, and military recognition to NAS safety, there's an ATCA award for anybody dedicated to the advancement of air traffic control and a safe flying environment.

Nominations may be made by any individual, group, or team. Submissions for consideration are not limited by the geographic location of the team project or individual contribution.

1.     Nominations must be complete at the time of submission. Required nomination information must be submitted, in English, via this form's required information fields. Supporting Document files for the nomination need to be uploaded (in Microsoft Word or PDF formats) before sending the nomination with the final "Send nomination" button at the end of the online form. Incomplete submissions will not be considered for selection. We request that nominations include a few photos of the nominee individuals and teams - both headshots and candid photos.

2.     Organizations, groups, or individuals may make nominations in more than one category.

3.     Nominations can be made independently, as a group, as an organization, or as multiple organizations.

4.     Nominations must be made using the online submission form. Nominations will not be accepted by any other means.

5.     By submitting a nomination, the Nominator confirms that they have read and agree with the Rules of Submission and understand how these apply.  

6.     When entries are submitted on behalf of companies, organizations, agencies, or other parties, the nominee’s sign-off is assumed. If any issues arise concerning sign-off, once the nomination has been submitted, all responsibilities are that of the nominator.

7.     Please ensure that the information submitted is accurate and that the correct individuals and organizations are credited as appropriate. The organizers do not accept responsibility for any incorrectly submitted information.

8.  Digital uploads may take a variety of formats, e.g., PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Jpeg file. Please ensure that uploaded logos and any supporting files follow these guidelines:
• When uploading supporting material, the file names must not include any ‘special’ characters, e.g., _ / ( ) & * “.
• The file size of each upload should not exceed 20 MB. 
• For files larger than 20 MB, we suggest that you upload the files to a file share website (i.e., Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer), and submit all file URL links in a word document.

9.  Where websites form part of an entry, please ensure any URLs, access details, usernames, and passwords needed for judging are provided, that they work and that they will continue to work until the end of the calendar year. Sites that cannot be viewed will be eliminated from consideration.

10.  Once submitted, nomination entries are confirmed by email. 

11.  If a nomination does not qualify for the category it has been submitted for, the Awards Committee reserves the right to appropriately categorize the submission. 

12.  ATCA takes conflicts of interest very seriously and will work to minimize the occurrences of conflicts. ATCA selects a diverse body of Award Committee members who we feel are objective, respected, and knowledgeable in their category. Committee members may not vote for any entry with which they have a conflict of interest; such situations are closely monitored and controlled accordingly. In addition, if a Committee member is nominated for an award, they will be removed from the judging of that award.  

13.  Any nomination may be withdrawn by the nominator for any reason upon or before July 19, 2024, with a written request to ATCA via email to

14.  The Awards Committee, consisting of ATM industry professionals will review the nominations and select the winner for each category.

15.  Winners will be announced and honored at the ATCA Annual Awards Banquet, to be held during the ATCA annual conference and exposition November 4-7th, in Washington, D.C. – more ceremony details will be posted on the page in August 2024.

16.  All Award winners will be published in the Awards Program.

17.  ATCA may use the content of your entry submission for editorial coverage, business, or marketing purposes as an example of best practice. ATCA will never use anything marked as “Confidential Information” as we fully respect the entrant’s commercial confidence.