Preparing for Tomorrow’s Aerospace Challenges and Opportunities

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Preparing for Tomorrow’s Aerospace Challenges and Opportunities

April 17, 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. broadcast from ATCA 

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Today’s aerospace system plays a key role in national and defense infrastructure. It represents a complex system consisting of operational, safety, technological, and political requirements that necessitate multi-disciplinary and whole-of-government solutions to challenges. As transformative changes continue to occur at a rapid pace, they are driving demands on government to address them in new and faster ways. Artificial Intelligence, emerging entrants, climate change, balancing sustainment with modernization, and U.S. global leadership are five major drivers of technological or geopolitical change that are impacting decisions being made today. The drivers of these changes are part of the larger digital-era transformation impacting all industries that will change the workforce skills, training needs, and functions of most technology workers as well as the relationships and control systems throughout the Internet of Things.

Join us for a panel discussion moderated by The MITRE Corporation as we explore this complex future environment and the challenges and opportunities within it.







Moderated by: 
Emily Stelzer, Ph.D., Managing Director NAS Evolution & Systems Engineer, MITRE



David Hebert, Vice President Global Marketing and Communications, Astroscale (bioLinkedIn page)

Ashley Nunes, Ph.D., Research Consultant (bio


Karen L. Jones, Senior Project Leader, Center for Space Policy & Strategy (bio)


            Andy Lacher, Intelligent Flight
             Sciences, NASA (LinkedIn page