ATCA Speakers Forum Live Webinar

Modernization Webinar - Booz Allen


  • Mr. Jason Arpino – Booz Allen Director, Growth and Transformation within Civil Transportation & Aviation. 
  • Allison Miller – Booz Allen Director, Customer Experience and Human Factors 
  • Clarissa Paje – Booz Allen Director, Software Factories and DevSecOps Specialist, Large Scale Modernization with SmartFactory 
  • Geoffrey Buteau – Booz Allen Chief Technologist, Data Modernization and Artificial Intelligence  
  • Craig Swanson – Booz Allen Vice President, Modernization with a Product mindset while Maintaining Mission Operations 


  • FAA Mission Modernization - What is it, why is it needed, what challenges are ahead? Discuss mission-critical environment in support of multiple systems (aging infrastructure, technical/maintenance debt, increased demand, decision-support needs); "New Entrants" (UAS, UAM, AAM, RAM, and commercial space).
  • Modernization with a Product mindset – What is it? Why product over the project and how you shift to successful agile delivery with engineering rigor leveraging Booz Allen’s Digital Transformation and IT Modernization Blueprint
  • Customer Experience & Future Experience (CX) – It’s more than making things pretty. What is it and why does it matter? Key activities include pathfinding, intake and engagement, voice of the customer/user, and rapid prototyping to drive adoption and definition of done to inform modernization roadmap and execution.
  • Large Scale Modernization with SmartFactory (mission essential platform and product style delivery)/ hybrid cloud solutions to accelerate mission modernization without impacting operations. ValueStream Teams + Purposeful Platforms + GitOps + SRE to deliver a modernization roadmap with observability and success.
  • How to unlock mission data to enable data-driven decision making – How Booz Allen enables Data as Product to support human-in-the-loop mission solutions; unlocking new value through advanced analytics/visualizations, AI, automation, and innovation (new apps and features).