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FAA in partnership with ATCA is excited to announce the “Advancing Acquisitions Challenge.” THe FAA is interested in hearing from you on how the FAA acquisition process can be more efficient to deliver capabilities sooner. It is important to note that the FAA is not looking for a product pitch… we are looking for a process pitch! More specifically, the FAA is interested in hearing about:

  • Requirements that leverage the speed of industry and deliver reliable solutions for the NAS
  • Delivery of fast and agile requirements that can be easily and continually modernized and maximize robust government and industry involvement
  • Capabilities that promote competition now and into the future
  • Capabilities for the U.S. that minimize maintenance and sustainment costs of the NAS
  • Ideas to accelerate FAA’s investment, contracting and software development
  • Ideas to maximize the flexibility of the FAA’s acquisition management system to deliver capabilities sooner
  • Ideas on how to establish a clear and common understanding of a program baseline between the vendor and the FAA
  • How FAA can develop steps to advance innovation, collaboration, synchronization, and create a more proactive work flow

Submissions Will Be Reviewed by:

  • Mark Teskey, Assistant Chief Counsel for Acquisitions and Fiscal Law, FAA
  • Nathan Tash, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Acquisition & Business Services, FAA
  • Katrina Hall, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Air Traffic Organization, FAA
  • Rebecca Guy, Vice President, Program Management Organization, FAA
  • David Rickard, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Financial Services and Chief Financial Officer, FAA
  • Jeffrey Planty, Vice President, Technical Operations, FAA

Submissions are open to any individual or organization from government, industry, as well as domestic and international NGOs, and are due by September 15th. The top eight will present to the panel of FAA leaders listed above at ATCA Global 2023.

All those who enter will receive a certificate of participation. A press release announcing the top eight finalists as well as all submitters will be released the week of October 1. The top eight finalists will also be listed on ATCA Global’ s website along with their submitted process recommendations. Placards detailing the finalists submittals will be located next to FAA Acquisitions booth in the ATCA Global Exhibit Hall.


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