2019 ATCA Election

Director-at-Large Election

ATCA's Director-at-Large election is now open. As all the current Directors-at-Large are now term-limited, ATCA's current Board of Directors have reorganized the board structure, creating an extra two Director-at-Large seats to better represent our diverse membership.

ATCA Directors-at-Large serve three-year terms starting the week following ATCA Annual (October 20-23, 2019).

Ballots were sent out electronically on August 12, 2019, along with candidate bios and campaign messages. Ballots must be completed no later than 11:59 PM, September 12, 2019. If you are an ATCA member in good standing with no email address on file and wish to participate, Please email elections@atca.org with your name, phone number, and preferred email address.


The following is a list of the 2019 candidates for the six Director-at-Large positions:


Director-at-Large Candidates


Nadine Alameh
Open Geospatial Consortium


  David W. Ford
Ford Aviation Solutions, LLC  

Michael Hawthorne
VP, Strategy & Development
Veracity Engineering 


  Gene Hayman
VP, FAA Account Executive
CACI International, Inc.

Rachel Jackson
Executive Strategy & Business Development



Luanne Kovalcik
Sr. Director



Chris Metts
Specialist Executive - Aviation/Transportation



Dave Rhodes
VP, Civil Programs


  Pamela Whitley
Acting Assistant Administrator for NextGen

Your vote will help determine the future of the association. Thank you for your involvement in ATCA and participation in this election. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the ATCA office at 703.299.2430.
 Thank you to our 2019 ATCA Nominating Committee
chaired by:

Hon. Donna McLean, Donna McLean Associates, LLC 


Dear ATCA Community, I would very much appreciate your vote for the Director-At-Large position.

I’m excited about the opportunity to bring in a unique “At-Large” perspective by being equally familiar with the Aviation industry as well as other industries, by bringing in a perspective from both the US and international arenas, by being experienced on both the technology and business fronts, and most and foremost, by being passionate about the power of the diverse ATCA community in collaborating to shape the future of ATC for us and future generations.

Your vote and your passion are most appreciated.



Fellow ATCA Members,

For those of you who have already voted, thank you. For those who have already voted for me, thank you even more! If you have not yet voted for this year’s At-Large Directors, please consider casting your ballot in my direction. I published my first paper with ATCA back in 1998 and have spent the past 20+ years volunteering my time and energy to this world-class organization in numerous ways, shapes, and forms. Today, I aspire to take my breadth of experience with ATCA, which includes working from both the government and industry sides, to the next level and help lead the organization into the future of ATM.

We all understand that the NAS must evolve to accommodate the ever-changing needs of airspace users and the stakeholders they support; ATCA must continue to evolve as well. Working together, ATCA, industry, and government can work together to “restore the cool” in aviation. We can do more to help the best and the brightest students, from elementary school through college, see aviation as the high-tech industry we all know it is. We can also begin the process of handing off discussions about the future NAS to the new voices who will still be working here when it arrives.
So, I’m asking for your support.

If you’d like to learn a bit more about my background, my ideas, and why I’m the right guy for the job, please check out my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oIP7pmlsP4. I look forward to serving you, if you will provide me the opportunity to do so.

 Well my ATCA colleagues, the election cycle for your Director-at-Large Board Members is coming to a close. 

If you have already voted, thank you! If not, I encourage you to vote for your selections before the September 12th deadline.

We all know and talk about how our aviation industry is entering some exciting times. Our leaders for tomorrow must be visionary, driven, and forward-leaning in their thinking. They also must know how to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and innovation that drives greater industry-government collaboration to make progress towards achieving a robust, safe, secure, and evolving air transportation system. As our aviation landscape changes with the advent of new entrants, such as; drones, urban air mobility, commercial space flight, and possibly hypersonic and supersonic air travel - we must maintain a focus on the future!

Someone recently asked me why I was so passionate about running for this position. My answer was simple....I want to make an impact in our industry! And what a better way to do this than serve on the Board of such a distinguished organization who is leading the way in shaping the future of aviation.

My message to you remains the same…
• ATCA needs to be the driving force in shaping the future of our aviation industry
• ATCA’s incoming leadership on the Board must be motivated to promote change
• You need a passionate and experienced leader for your ATCA Directors-at-Large
• The individuals elected must have a strong commitment to ATCA and its membership

The fact is, I have had the privilege of serving in many different executive and leadership roles that I feel has prepared me to serve you, my ATCA colleagues, in the role of Director-at-Large. With my passion and results-driven attitude, I believe that I can help capitalize on previous work that has been done and continue to drive our community forward. Therefore, I ask for your vote by Sept 12th.

Your friend,
Gene Hayman


As ATCA election season draws to a close, I would once again like to ask for the honor of your vote for me, Rachel Jackson, to serve as your representative on the Board of Directors of our esteemed association. This is the age of hypersonics, supersonics, unmanned systems, enhanced PBN, and commercial space and we are all, through our involvement in ATCA, part of the dialogue of how global air navigation service providers and industry will embrace these new platforms and their huge economic benefits and the exciting changes they promise. ATCA brings together diverse stakeholders - airlines, business and general aviation, manufacturers of innovative and emerging technologies, military and civil operations personnel, important stakeholder unions, and now new commercial operators who are sure to revolutionize the way we deal with airspace and airports as we continue to transform a system that provides USD 2.7 trillion of global economic benefits and 62.7 million jobs around the world. Our association plays an important role in taking these many and varied views of the current state, and the transformative possibilities of the future, and advocating for the continued evolution of the global aviation system and the economic health of our industry. Aviation doesn’t stand still and neither can our association. In my years as an ATCA volunteer on committees such as Communications, Scholarships, Awards, and in other positions, I’ve seen the association grow and change with the aviation system. We will continue to provide a forum for discussion, debate, and even healthy disagreement as we face the challenges and exciting opportunities to lead the way in defining the future. Serving on the ATCA Board of Directors is a privilege and its members are part of a team who work together to support the efforts of our professional staff lead by Pete Dumont. I would be privileged to serve with the skilled and visionary people, both current and future, who have chosen to give back to our industry with new ideas to ensure our industry continues to grow and flourish. We’ll continue to tackle the issues around how we best deal with these platforms that are changing the way we look at airspace, as well as how we tackle growing cyber threats, staffing challenges, as well as the age-old problems of weather, rising operational costs, and how to attract the best and brightest to our profession. Thank you for your consideration.


Dear Fellow ATCA Members,

Thank you for taking the time to review my message. My name is Luanne Kovalcik and I am requesting your vote to be selected as an ATCA Director-at-Large. For the last 26 years I have been working with the FAA in the aviation industry supporting their mission and as an experienced industry leader in delivering state of the art Automation Systems for implementation into the National Air Space (NAS) I feel that I can bring a mission focused vision to the board.

There are currently many changes happening in the aviation industry with the addition of unmanned aircraft systems and commercial space, supersonic and hypersonic air travel, and the incorporation of enhanced Performance Based Navigation (PBN) that will require ATCA to continue to adapt and grow as well. As a result the ATCA board will benefit from varied background and perspectives as they work together to successfully guide these changes. From my experience I have an appreciation for differing views and how to merge them to achieve common alignment focused on ongoing aviation mission success.

As the election window draws to a close for the ATCA Director-at-Large if you haven’t already voted please act upon this reminder to have a voice in ATCA and make your choices for the ATCA Directors-at-Large.

Thank you for your consideration.



Hello fellow ATCA members,

It’s been a pleasure to connect with many of you over the past few weeks to talk about my candidacy for the Director-at-Large position on the ATCA board. To those I’ve not had a chance to talk to, I want you to know I’m honored to be nominated, and if elected, look forward to engaging with you as we usher in the next era of aviation.
I mentioned in my initial message that air traffic control is part of my DNA. My entire career has been in aviation, where I’ve had the opportunity to serve in numerous roles, from serving as a front-line controller, to Vice President of FAA’s En route Oceanic Operations, to standing up and managing the Program Management Organization within FAA’s Air Traffic Organization, to aviation focused executive positions at global corporations.

Because of these experiences, I’m intimately familiar with the challenges our industry faces, how those challenges will evolve, and the best ways to address them. Many new entrants lie on the horizon including unmanned, supersonic, and commercial space aircraft. As these new entrants emerge, we as an organization are uniquely positioned to aid air navigation service providers with the tools necessary to ensure these aircraft are safely integrated into our aviation ecosystem. I look forward to engaging and collaborating with leaders, both legacy and new, to develop creative solutions.

To learn more about me and my passion for the industry, please watch my video here: Chris Metts ATCA Campaign 

Voting closes on September 12th. If you have not yet, please vote for me as your next Director-at-Large on the ATCA board.

Thank you,



 My ATCA Colleagues,

Although we join ATCA for various reasons, there are a few key tenets we all share: interest in the future development of the National Airspace System; willingness to partner with the Government to keep our skies efficient and safe; and an appreciation for aviation’s role in our lives and the economy. I want to help ATCA sharpen our message and our impact in these areas, embracing and representing those common core interests of our traditional and new entrant members alike. I want to help ATCA continue as a lead advocate for NAS efficiency. And I want to help ATCA become the forum for discussing the effects of emerging air traffic control technologies, emerging NAS entrants, and airspace use patterns. I’m ready to take on the challenge -- I ask for your vote.

Dave Rhodes
VP, Civil Programs

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  • Welcome to the ATCA
  • Welcome to the ATCA
  • 06 Jun 2018
    Hon. Linda Hall Daschle Named 2018 Glen A. Gilbert Memorial Award Winner

    The Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) is pleased to announce that former FAA Acting Administrator Linda Hall Daschle has been selected as the 2018 recipient of the prestigious Glen A. Gilbert Memorial Award, one of the most prominent awards in aviation and ATCA’s highest honor.

    A pioneer for women in air traffic management, Daschle was the first female to hold the post of Acting Administrator for the FAA. She began her aviation career in Kansas nearly 45 years ago as a licensed weather observer for the agency. In 1993, she was nominated by President Clinton and confirmed by the US Senate for the position of FAA Deputy Administrator. One of her first tasks involved an assessment of the agency’s key air traffic modernization program called the Advanced Automation System which was eventually overhauled, saving the agency an estimated $1.6 billion. She also oversaw the advancement of new regional airline safety regulations and conducted a review of the agency’s safety and surveillance program, which resulted in one of the single largest hires of new safety inspectors in FAA history. 

    Ms. Daschle has held numerous government and private-sector leadership positions, including with the American Association of Airport Executives, the Air Transport Association, the former Civil Aeronautics Board, and with the law firm of Baker Donelson. She is currently President of LHD & Associates, Inc, and serves on the board of Aireon, LLC.

    In accepting the Glen A. Gilbert Memorial Award, Ms. Daschle joins aviation greats, including Delta’s Richard Anderson, NATCA President Paul Rinaldi, the Hon. Jane Garvey, Boeing’s Neil Planzer, former Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, and pilot A. Scott Crossfield. (View press release HERE.)

    Tickets will be available this month. For more information, visit https://www.atca.org/glengilbert

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