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ATCA Announces 2017 Award Recipients

The Air Traffic Control Association (ATCA) is pleased to announce its 2017 Award Winners. The goal of ATCA's awards program is to give special recognition to those persons and/or organizations engaged in the development, operation, or maintenance of the worldwide air traffic control system for outstanding achievement.

The following recipients will be honored at the 2017 Awards Luncheon during the ATCA Annual on Tuesday, October 17, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland.

ATCA Annual Safety Award
Alvin Sipe, The Boeing Company

Andy Pitas Aircraft Safety Award
Eric Knight and Ross Leshinsky, FAA
Jeffrey Rawson, FAA
Ian Selin and Mark Smith, NAV CANADA

ATCA Annual Team Award for Outstanding Achievement Winner
The SoCal Metroplex Design and Implementation Team, FAA
3-58th Airfield Operations Battalion, US Army
ATCA Annual Industry Award

ATCA Annual Outstanding Achievement for Small & Disadvantaged Business

ATCA Annual Outstanding Achievement for Small Business
Infina, Ltd.

ATCA Outstanding ATC Manager of the Year Award
Harry Rivera, CI2 Aviation
CW2 Jason Christie, US Army

ATCA Military ATC Technician of the Year Award
Sgt Richard Robinson, US Marine Corps
ET1 Marcus Kruse, US Navy
SSG Joseph Bourassa, US Army

ATCA Military Air Traffic Controller of the Year Award
SrA Richard Smith, US Air Force
Sgt Andres Eraszabala, US Marine Corps
AC1 Nikita Zellner, US Navy
SGT Robert Charity, US Army

ATCA Airway Transportation Systems Specialist of the Year Award


ATCA Annual Aviation Systems Specialist Safety Award

Nico Nguyen, FAA

ATCA Life Cycle Management Award
CHIP Infrastructure Team, NAV CANADA
David J. Hurley Memorial Award for Aviation Traffic Management
Greg Juro, FAA
The Chairman’s Citation of Merit Award
NASA Aeronautics Leadership Team, NASA
Dr. John Cavolowsky, NASA
Robert Graham, EUROCONTROL
Massimo Garbini, SESAR Deployment Manager

ATCA Ambassador Award
Tom Styc

The President’s Citation of Merit Award
Dr. Ned Reese, WCG
Dr. Parimal Kopardekar, NASA
Margaret Jenny, RTCA
Don Thoma, Aireon
Ben Marcus, AirMap
Jim Eck, FAA

The Glen A. Gilbert Memorial Award
Richard Anderson, Delta Air Lines, Inc. / Northwest Airlines, Inc.*

*To be honored at the Glen A. Gilbert Memorial Awards Banquet Oct. 17


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Awards Committee

Tom Styc, Committee Chair
Dr. Kim Cardosi, Volpe Center
Rick Day, Board Liaison
Charles Dove
Frank Frisbie, Double F Consulting
Melanie Lauzon, NAV CANADA
Paul Planzer, Staff Liaison, ATCA
Kathleen Thompson, Jerry Thompson & Associates, Inc.

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  • Welcome to the ATCA