Air Traffic Control Quarterly


This journal is devoted to the dissemination of original archival papers describing new developments in air traffic management and aviation operations of all flight vehicles, including unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and space vehicles, operating in the global airspace system. The scope of the journal includes theory, applications, technologies, operations, economics, and policy.  Among the subjects addressed are: collision avoidance, separation assurance, traffic flow management, en route and terminal airspace operations, airport surface operations, air-ground collaboration for traffic management, trajectory based operations, avionics, aviation weather, flight operations, standards, procedures, training, and certification, aviation policy, airline economics, and cost/benefit analyses of aviation systems.  Also included are aviation-specific aspects of some broader subjects: communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS), operations research, systems engineering and complexity, system safety and resilience, human factors, decision support tools, human-machine interaction, and automation/autonomy.  Papers are sought which report on quantitative studies, results of original research, and innovative applications.

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  • Welcome to the ATCA