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225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22314
Brian R. Bruckbauer

President & CEO


Brian Bruckbauer Headshot
Deborah Brice

Meetings Manager

703-299-2430 x306


Clarence Butcher


703-299-2430 x311

Clarence Butcher Headshot


Kenneth Carlisle

Director of Meetings and Expositions

 703-299-2430 x310

Glenn Cudaback

Membership Manager

703-299-2430 x302

Bridget Dongu

Communications Director

703-299-2430 x309


Mat Garretson

Publications Managing Editor


Mat Garretson Headshot
Ashley Haskins

Accounting Manager

703-299-2430 x300

Christine Oster


703-299-2430 x303

Christine Oster
Rugger Smith

Business Development

703-299-2430 x318

Rugger Smoth


Mindy Soranno

Business Development & Client Relations

703-299-2430 x314

Sandra Strickland

Events & Exhibits Manager

703-299-2430 x304

Sandra Strickland