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As an independent, non-profit organization, ATCA is dedicated to the following objectives:

  • Promoting, maintaining, and enhancing the stature and well-being of the Air Traffic Control profession and the aviation community.
  • Developing and disseminating knowledge of air traffic in all its phases and applications. Encouraging intelligent and honorable cooperation between all persons, parties, and agencies interested in and concerned with the promotion and advancement of aviation and, in particular, the field of air traffic control. 
  • To serve as the forum for discussing issues and exchanging ideas on all matters pertaining to global airspace systems and flight safety.
  • To serve as a catalyst to bring together those who use, develop, operate, maintain, supervise and manage the airspace systems of the world.
  • To continue a public relations effort through participation in and with the media and aviation-related associations telling the story of the evolution of air traffic control systems and ATC to the community, its classrooms, civic organizations, airports, etc.
  • To increase the level of operational and technical expertise within the Association through continued membership recruitment efforts.
  • To promote the development and worldwide deployment of modern air traffic control technology and services. To support R&D activities leading to continued progress in the safety, efficiency, and capacity of the aviation environment.
  • To focus attention on the needs of users of air traffic control systems and to ensure these needs are fully understood, considered, and accommodated in future air traffic control systems development.
  • To attract, encourage and help sponsor the development of young people to enter the air traffic control profession.
  • To respect the professional dignity of all persons and organizations interested in air traffic control, and to actively foster the involvement of women, minorities, the handicapped, and the disadvantaged in ATCA and aviation in general.

ATCA Consitution & Bylaws

The Constitution & Bylaws have been revised to reflect the October 2019 ATCA Board of Directors meeting.