The David J. Hurley Memorial Award for Aviation Traffic Management

In Herndon, Virginia, the Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center stands as a legacy to the vision of David J. Hurley. Early on Mr. Hurley recognized the importance of system and system leadership and worked tirelessly on the relocation of the Command Center from its location in FAA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. to its current location in Herndon, Virginia. Mr. Hurley played the key role in redefining the Traffic Management Organization and positioning it to meet the challenges of the future. As Director of Air Traffic Management, David J. Hurley was recognized for his vision and leadership. He received the Department of Transportation Secretary’s Award for Meritorious Achievement in 1990. In 1992, he received the Senior Executive Service Presidential Meritorious Rank Award. In 1994, He was presented ATCA’s George W. Kriske Memorial Award. In 1995, Mr. Hurley returned to the FAA Eastern Region where his illustrious career began and became the Air Traffic Division Manager for the New England Region. Mr. Hurley passed away in April of 1997. In the summer of the same year, the Air Traffic Control System Command Center was rededicated as the David J. Hurley Air Traffic Control System Command Center. On the left, as you enter the operations room of the command center there is a prominently displayed portrait of Mr. Hurley. Along with the portrait, a sentiment, in bold letters, states “His vision….our reality.”

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