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The ATCA Bulletin is the monthly newsletter of the Air Traffic Control Association. The Bulletin provides information on activities of the association, its members, and important developments in the air traffic control industry. We offer the ATCA Bulletin in easy-to-read, turn-the-page digital editions. To flip through them, or download the full PDF, click here or below.



New Series!

The September 2014 issue of the ATCA Bulletin features the first article in a series titled "A Day in the Life of an Air Traffic Controller," which walks through the different responsibilities and situations real-life controllers face. Read the first article here:
Day in the Life of an Air Traffic Controller: Samantha Navarro (Part 1)


In addition to the full Bulletin version posted on the web, we offer an e-bulletin that is emailed directly to you. Please ensure that we have your email address correctly updated in our records.

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  • Welcome to the ATCA
  • Welcome to the ATCA

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