ATCA Awards

The purpose of the Air Traffic Control Association Awards Program is to give special recognition to those persons and/or organizations engaged in the development, operation or maintenance of the world-wide air traffic control system for outstanding achievement or for an outstanding contribution to ATC. The achievement or contribution so recognized shall be in the public interest and shall add to the quality, safety or efficiency of air traffic control.

Any individual or group of individuals is eligible if properly nominated and qualified. The nominee does not have to be an ATCA member to receive an award, nor do you have to be a member to recommend someone for an award. In keeping with ATCA’s global representation, the ATCA awards criteria have been amended to encompass the worldwide scope of ATCA. Recommendations for ATCA Awards from all corners of the globe are welcome.

The nomination period for the 2016-2017 cycle is now open! Submit your nomination by July 21, 2017!

Congratulations ATCA's 2016 Award Recipients!

ATCA is pleased to announce its 2016 Award Winners. The goal of ATCA's Award Program is to give special recognition to those persons and/or organizations engaged in the development, operation or maintenance of the world-wide air traffic control system for outstanding achievement.

The General E.R. Quesada Memorial Award

Robert Miller, NAV CANADA

The George W. Kriske Memorial Award

Charles Taylor, RVA

The William A. Parenteau Memorial Award

Jeff Cochrane, NAV CANADA

The Andy Pitas Memorial Award

Mitchell Anderson, Serco, Inc.

Robert Haas, CI2 Aviation, Inc.

Andrea Martin, Midwest Air Traffic Control Service, Inc.

Mark Stoffer, MLI ATCT (now at MKE)

The Earl F. Ward Memorial Award

235 ATSC North Carolina ANG

CSRA, Inc.

The ATCA Industrial Award


The Charles E. Varnell Memorial Award for Small Business

LS Technologies, LLC

The ATCA Small & Disadvantaged Business Award

Washington Progress Group, LLC

The ATCA Air Traffic Control Specialist of the Year Award

Shannon Thomas, RVA

Lingiam Odems Memorial Award for Air Traffic Control Specialist of the Military

SGT Juan Lara, US Army

SrA Kimo Lagapa-Talbot, US Air Force

PO1 Joshua Sawyer, US Navy

SGT Derek Boti, US Marine Corps 

CAPT Matthew Miller, Air National Guard

ATCA Airway Transportation Systems Specialist of the Year Award

Kevin Withers, RVA

ATCA Life Cycle Management Award

Safeguarding RVM Integrity Team


The Clifford P. Burton Memorial Award

Cindy Castillo

The David J. Hurley Memorial Award

James Daher, NAV CANADA

The Chairman's Citation of Merit Award

Jeffrey Barry & Matthew Nych, NAV CANADA

CW3 Pablo Berrios, 3-58th AOB

Patrick Burrows, Mason Braddock, Nichole Surunis, Clay Sutton, & Keith Tyus, A80

S. Scott Duke, National Guard Bureau

Tommy Graham, ZFW

Harris Corporation

Jessica Hermsdorfer, ZKC

Ian Jopson, NATS

Steve McGreevy & Ben Madsen, ZAU

ZMA Safety Council, FAA

The President’s Citation of Merit Award

 Boeing and the Russian State ATM Corporation (SATMC)

The Glen A. Gilbert Memorial Award

Paul M. Rinaldi, NATCA


  • Download the full list of 2015 ATCA Award Winners: click here for PDF format. 
  • Download the full list of 2014 ATCA Award Winners: click here for PDF format.
  • Download the full list of 2013 ATCA Award Winners: click here for HTML format.
  • For the list of ATCA Journal of Air Traffic Control Winners for 2013: click here.
  • Download the full list of 2012 ATCA Award Winners: Word Document and PDF Format, for HTML format: click here.


Awards Committee

Tom Styc, Committee Chairman, AMA Inc.
Myreille Campeau, NAV CANADA
Dr. Kim Cardosi, Volpe Center
Charles Dove, RVA, Inc. 
JoAnn Ford, FAA
Frank Frisbie, Double F Consulting
Rick Day, Board Liaison
Robert Meyer, Raytheon Company
Kathleen Thompson, Jerry Thompson & Associates, Inc.
Paul Planzer, Staff Liaison, ATCA

  • Welcome to the ATCA
  • Welcome to the ATCA

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