2016 ATCA Elections

Chair Elect and Director-at-Large Election

The time has come yet again to elect candidates to represent your membership interests on ATCA’s distinguished
Board of Directors. This year’s elections for the Chair-Elect and Director-at-Large positions are now underway.

Vote now!

To cast your ballot for the ATCA election, click here.  

Your ballot must be completed no later than 11:59 PM, September 1, 2016. The term of office for the Chair-Elect and Directors-at-Large will begin one week following the conclusion of the Board of Directors meeting scheduled for October 16, 2016.

Need a printable ballot to scan or fax in? Download a PDF copy

See the list below of candidates for the Chair-Elect seat and for four Director-at-Large positions. 

Chair-Elect Candidates
Cynthia Castillo, CSSI, Inc. 
See Cynthia's Candidate Letters: 
Candidate Letter #1
Candidate Video Letter

Rick Day, Rick Day and Associates LLC
See Rick's Candidate Letters: 
Candidate Video Letter
Candidate Letter

Chip Meserole, The Boeing Company
See Chip's Candidate Letters 
Candidate Letter
Candidate Audio Message

Director-at-Large Candidates
Vincent Capezzuto, Incumbent, Aireon
See Vincent's Candidate Letters 
Candidate Letter #1
Candidate Letter #2 

Giovanni Carnaroli, SRA International, a CSRA Company
See Giovanni's Candidate Letters 
Candidate Letter #1
Candidate Letter #2

Rick Day, Incumbent, Rick Day and Associates LLC
See Rick's Candidate Video Letter

Rick Ducharme, CGH
See Rick's Candidate Letters: 
Candidate Letter #1
Candidate Letter #2

Michael Hawthorne, Veracity
See Michael's Candidate Letters:
Endorsement Letter for Michael
Candidate Video Letter

Michael Headley, Incumbent, TMA
Candidate Letter #1
Candidate Letter #2

Fran Hill, Lockheed Martin

See Fran's Candidate Letters 
Candidate Letter #1
Candidate Letter #2

Interested in learning more about the 2016 candidates? Please take a moment and review their statements and 

 Thank you to ATCA's 2016 Nominating Committee:


Monte Belger, ATCA Member & Nominating Committee Chair

Peter Challan, ATCA Member - Harris Corporation

Jan Adams, ATCA Member - JMA Solutions 

Lee Weinstein, ATCA Member - Lockheed Martin



Your vote will help determine the future of the association. Thank you for your involvement in ATCA and participation in this election. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the ATCA office at 703.299.2430.

  • Welcome to the ATCA
  • Welcome to the ATCA

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