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The William J. Hughes Technical Center is excited to announce an in-person Technical Center Tuesday event on April 23, 2024, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. partnering with ATCA Tech Symposium.


This year’s experience is an opportunity for Center employees and Campus tenants to display their work through interactive displays and 25 exhibits. FAA employees and visitors attending the ATCA Technical Symposium are invited to attend and participate in the technical track tours and demonstrations.

The exhibits will highlight the many projects and activities underway to support the sustainment and modernization of the nation’s premier laboratory facility for research, engineering, development, testing, and evaluation of advanced aviation technologies.

You must be registered for the Tech Symposium to register for the Tech Center Tuesday exhibits and tours by April 12th. An official government ID is required for access to the Tech Center grounds. If you have a green card you will need to provide a clear copy of the front and back of your green card.

You will be required to show an official government ID before boarding the shuttles and your ID will be checked at the Tech Center’s Security Gate. Anyone without an ID will be turned away.

Tech Center Tuesday Tours will include:

Vertical Flight Aviation Safety Testing Laboratory and Cockpit Simulation Facility (VFAST/CSF):

Experience the wonders of flight by visiting the new Vertical Flight Aviation Safety Testing Laboratory and Cockpit Simulation Facility. During your trip, you will find a variety of medium- and high-fidelity cockpit simulators, mainly used for research and development. Your trip features an around-the-world tour highlighting the unique capabilities and operational profiles flown today by helicopters, general aviation, transport category aircraft, and tomorrow by eVTOL platforms. Take an aerial tour of the Hawaiian Islands, soar through the Swiss Alps around the Matterhorn, and visit exotic locales in between as you fly around the world in several different rotorcraft platforms. Fly in a general aviation simulator like you would as a private pilot. See the latest and greatest NextGen avionics technologies (enhanced vision systems, synthetic vision systems, heads-up/head-worn displays, helicopter terrain awareness, and warning systems, ADS-B, etc.) and learn how they, along with future revolutionary technologies like virtual/augmented reality, can enhance flight safety.

Enterprise Information Display System (E-IDS)

An enterprise-level platform that will replace five legacy IDSs and leverage NextGen capabilities at FAA facilities to provide NAS Operational personnel with secure, timely, and accurate auxiliary Dynamic Information (e.g., weather observations, airport information status) and Static Data (e.g., airport diagrams, approach charts, facility directives) that complements primary (e.g., radar) displays. E-IDS uses a centralized, enterprise-level capability such as Enterprise Information Management Platform to collect, store, and correlate information from authoritative sources and distribute to operational facilities for display. E-IDS will provide each user access to enterprise-level information coupled with efficient, consistent, easy-to-use filtering, sorting, and searching capabilities and quick reference.

Weather Aviation Systems:

Embark on a fascinating technical tour exploring the intersection of enterprise solutions and weather aviation systems. Witness the innovative integration of enterprise solutions that streamline aviation management processes, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making. Additionally, tour members will delve into advanced weather and information display systems that play a crucial role in ensuring flight safety, offering a comprehensive understanding of how these technologies collectively shape the dynamic landscape of aviation.

TSA Chemistry and Explosives Detection

The tour includes a live K-9 demonstration to showcase the capabilities of TSA chemistry and explosives detection.

Atlantic City International Airport (ACY)

The tour of ACY will focus on security and operations for the traveling public. The airport tour will highlight the Airport Operations Center, the TSA security checkpoint, and the New Jersey State Police with a canine demonstration.

Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM)

TFDM is an integrated tower automation system that enhances air traffic control towers digital information exchanges throughout the National Airspace System. √ Electronic Flight Data; √ Optimized Surface Ops; √ Collaborative Decision Making

Coast Guard Air Station Atlantic City

The tour will focus on the hangar and aircraft, including an opportunity to explore a search and rescue helicopter from the inside.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in an Airport Environment

The FAA’s Office of Airports and Airport Technology Research and Development Branch is actively conducting research, testing, and evaluations on the use of UAS for various application use cases at airports. This research has several objectives, including determining the benefits and limitations, minimum performance specifications and standards, and repeatable technical and operational guidance for using UAS to conduct each application use case. The results from this research will allow the FAA to provide the necessary information and guidance to airport sponsors on how to safely and effectively use UAS for various airport applications.



    International participants must complete the form below and submit it by COB March 22, 2024.

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    Shuttles will depart every 30 minutes.
    Note that all times are approximate as may be affected by weather, traffic, or unexpected delays at FAA security.