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Intersoft Electronics
Booth: 408
Lammerdries-Oost 27


C: Jan van Gent


Company profile

Intersoft Electronics, located in Belgium, has been providing radar test equipment and services for over 35 years. Our Radar Analysis Support System (RASS) product family comprises all the tools needed for performance measurement, analysis and (remote) monitoring of ATC radar systems and other sensors (e.g. Mode-S, ADS-B). Virtually all radar manufacturers and many radar users (military and civil) use our test equipment on their radars. Our Next Generation Signal Processing (NGSP) platform forms the basis of our modular approach to Service Life Extension Programs (SLEPs) and upgrades to ATC radar systems. Maintenance and obsolescence issues, drones, wind turbines and 4G / 5G interference pose challenges to existing radars. Intersoft's NGSP processing techniques effectively mitigate these adverse effects. With over 100 references, including the FAA's CTD program for the ASR-8 radar systems, Intersoft Electronics is capable of providing upgrade configurations for virtually any ATC radar system.
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  • Surveillance Systems (including Radar)


  • Radar
  • IFF
  • Antenna
  • SSR
  • Upgrade

products to be displayed

Intersoft Electronics - Radar Upgrades
Intersoft Electronics' NGSP technology platform forma a modular approach to ATC radar upgrade programs.
Intersoft Electronics - ASR-8 CTD upgrade for FAA
Intersoft Electronics' NGSP platform was used for upgrading the FAA's ASR-8 radar systems in the CTD program, with our partner Telephonics Corp.
Intersoft Radar Analysis Support System - RASS-M
Intersoft Electronics' RASS-M field measurement kit for trouble shooting and performance measurements of ATC radar systems

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