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Booth: 517
6650 Sugarloaf Parkway Suite 100
United States

C: Jay Lown
T:+1 (615) 209-0672

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ScioTeq has a 35 year heritage of designing and manufacturing the most innovative solutions for the ATC, Avionics and Defense & Security markets. We enable our customers to make real-time decisions by providing advanced visualization and networking solutions with the features and capabilities needed to ensure success. Our products are used in the air, on the ground, and at sea, providing mission critical information. ScioTeq ATC displays and related technology help air traffic controllers in the world’s biggest airports to see every detail of what is happening in the skies in the most efficient and comfortable way possible.
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  • Displays


  • ATC Grade Radar Monitors (2K2K, 4K2K, ...)
  • Enroute, Approach and Tower Control Displays
  • Multi-Touch Input Displays
  • Multi-Window Image Composition
  • RNA, Uncompressed Video over IP

products to be displayed

MDP843 Plus
The MDP-843 is already well accepted as a reliable single-screen ATC working position in ATC centers worldwide. Now, ScioTeq introduces the MDP-843 Plus, with a huge improvement on the most important aspects: the optical viewing characteristics. ScioTeq has applied its 20-year field-proven expertise in ATC main displays. Using a combination of optically bonded glass, foils, anti-glare filters and anti-reflective coatings combined with standard COTS LCD technology, ScioTeq created a performance enhanced ATC-grade display with better viewing angles, higher contrast ratios and zero color shift in off angle viewing. For the first time, ScioTeq brings the 43 inch ATC main display performance in line with the standard 28 inch reference main display, the MDP-471/4, being used by the majority of ANSP air traffic controllers worldwide.
Air traffic controllers sometimes prefer using one single main screen for day-to-day work. The amount of information and tools provided to controllers is continuously increasing, hence the need for more display space. Organizations either opt for a single-screen working position or for a multi-screen working setup using the ScioTeq 2Kx2K MDP-471 main display and the ADP-361 support screens. The ScioTeq MDP-843 main display addresses the concerns of all ATC stakeholders and integrates an 4K2K LCD module into a wide display assembly fit for use in the ATC environment.
28-Inch 2Kx2K LCD Display for Air Traffic Control / Since its introduction in 2000, the ScioTeq square main display for ATC controller working positions has become the world's leading ATC radar display, both in new installations and as a direct replacement for the Sony DDM CRT display. MDP-471/4 always features the latest LCD panel technologies, presenting an ergonomic solution for ATC controller workstation positions. The 4 megapixel IPS-Pro LCD screen offers brightness uniformity in white, gray, and black images and ensures zero bright dot defects. A wide viewing angle, high contrast, and absolutely no reflection help you observe every track, enhance user comfort and reduce eye fatigue. Many options available: dual redundant power supply / protective front glass / touchscreen (TS) / tower (TWR) option
The ScioTeq TCD-361/TS LED display is a 24-inch wide-screen display for ATC applications. Its high-bright LED backlight and WUXGA resolution bring optimum reading quality, reliability, and user comfort to tower control operators. It also offers optional PCAP multitouch functionality. The TCD-361/TS LED display's long-life backlight system combined with ScioTeq stabilization technology ensures consistent brightness over time. The integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts brightness settings in function of the ambient light conditions. This unit is fanless and noiseless and has a compact footprint to save space in the air traffic control tower. Why choose the TCD-361/TS LED display? - WUXGA resolution - PCAP multitouch support option - Long-life, power-efficient LED backlights - Backlight output stabilization technology - Ambient light compensation technology - Fan-less and noiseless - Viewable under all circumstances
32” 4Kx2K High Bright display for Air Traffic Control ScioTeq’s MDP-832 is a 32” high bright display for air traffic control applications. Its premium quality LCD, 4Kx2K resolution and high-bright LED backlight bring optimum reading quality, reliability, and user comfort in many use cases, in the tower and in TRACON/ACC/Enroute environment. High end optics The MDP-832 is standard always equipped with a high-end protective and anti-reflective front glass. This optical stack ensures the lowest possible reflections. Touchscreen The optional responsive PCAP touchscreen handles up to 10 simultaneous touches. Full screen or Multi-Window Multiple video inputs allow displaying up to 4 image sources simultaneously, this in a fully user-definable layout.

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