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C: Christin Ulltveit-Moe

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An international high technology powerhouse – providing solutions ranging from the deep ocean to outer space. KONGSBERG delivers the Remote Tower System to Avinor Air Navigation Services in Norway – where 15 airports will be transitioned into a Remote Tower System by the end of 2021. KONGSBERG RTS includes leading edge real-time network technology and Service Oriented Architecture, to guarantee safe and flexible Air Traffic Services. KONGSBERG RTS includes robust and leading-edge electro-optical sensors – a spin-off from the world’s most advanced military sensor technology. KDA has a deep domain of corporate experience in display software for Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management systems. Our IRIS UAS Airspace Management System was selected by Defence Research and Development Canada to become the core of the “Emergency Operations Airspace Management System” to provide real-time airspace awareness of drones in the vicinity of critical infrastructure or events being managed by First Responders.
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KONGSBERG Remote Towers
The KONGSBERG Remote Towers RT is the solution for all future remote tower related operations virtual, contingency and remotely controlled towers. The KONGSBERG Remote Towers contributes to Avinor’s NINOX program - the world’s largest RTS program. More than 36 sites in Norway is designated for Remote Tower Systems, starting implementing 15 airports in one control center. NINOX is a partnership between Avinor, Indra Navia and Kongsberg Defence Systems.
360° Camera System
The KONGSBERG 360° Camera System has a design that enables necessary decisions for separating aircraft and objects, without any additional surveillance systems – as for an operator in a traditional ATC Tower. The KONGSBERG 360° Camera system: VIS 360 - 60° vertical FoV (- 10° to +50°) IR 360 - 18° vertical FoV, steerable in elevation The performance and visual acuity of the VIS 360° camera are equivalent to 20/20 vision. Camera’s resolution is 0.28 mrad meaning that an object of 28 cm in size is visible for the oper¬ator when it is at a range of 1 km from the camera sensor. VIS and IR camera fusion has a perfect alignment of both IR and VIS image and gives the controller a higher possibility to detect unwanted objects during day-time.
Pan Tilt Platform (PTP)
The integrated display of the PTP gives controllers an exceptionally clear picture of airport operations: aircraft markings and landing gear are clearly visible – even in low light and bad weather conditions. The KONGSBERG Pan Tilt Platform: • Pan Tilt Zoom camera (PTZ) • Pan Tilt Infrared camera (PTIR) • Laser Range Finder (LRF) • Signal Light Gun (SLG) The PTP enables: • Video tracking • Automatically follow an ARTAS/radar track • Automatically follow a selected MTI • Manually follow any object by using a joystick

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