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ATAC Corporation
Booth: 543
2770 De La Cruz Blvd.
Santa Clara
United States

T: + 1 408 736 2822


Company profile

ATAC Corporation is a solutions company providing the aviation community with state-of-the-art simulation, modeling, analysis tools and expert services in air traffic systems. Since 1979, we provide comprehensive analytical and subject matter expert capabilities including operations design and analysis, safety reporting and analysis, environmental analysis, and training solutions. We are committed to the aviation industry providing high quality products and services, while maintaining a creative, innovative and responsive company environment. ATAC serves clients via its offices in Santa Clara, CA and Washington, D.C. Primary clients include the Federal Aviation Administration and other Air Navigation Service Providers, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of Defense, airport authorities, airport planning and engineering firms, and private companies with aviation systems development and integration. ATAC's comprehensive services include - Airport planning, Airspace operations design and analysis, Environmental impact assessment, Military aviation, Model development and Operational performance analysis.

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Product Categories

  • Airfield Operations
  • Consulting
  • Safety Systems/Risk Assessment
  • Simulators
  • Software
  • Training Equipment

Press Releases


  • Aviation Analysis Experts
  • Environmental Evaluation
  • Air Traffic Controller Training
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Safety Systems

Case Studies

  • Title: Measuring RNAV RNP Approach Usage and Conformance
    Description: Key issues included changes to FAAO 7110.65: • 7-4-4 Visual Approaches to Multiple Runways: ATAC data was used to help convince AJV-8 to issue a document change proposal (DCP) that allows RNP approaches to be conducted simultaneously and independently from other visual approaches. • 5-9-7 Simultaneous Independent Approaches: ATAC data is contained in the SRMD. • 5-9-10 Widely Spaced Independent Approaches: ATAC Conformance Reports were instrumental in gaining support from FAA Headquarters on a waiver to this paragraph. This involved developing a new process using PDARS data (RNP Conformance Report) and AEDT (fuel burn savings). The process then needed to be validated by the Denver RNP Team. Numerous industry partners have stated that AEDT fuel burn predictions are very close to actual savings. When implemented, over 100,000 Denver aircraft a year will be affected by these changes. The RNP conformance report shows that RNP usage, path conformance and containment can be measured.

products to be displayed

Performance Data Analysis and Reporting System (PDARS). Innovative technology processing and visualizing air traffic data. PDARS has continuously collected flight plan and radar track data since 1999. The data comes from systems at Air Route Traffic Control Centers (ARTCCs), which track and provide service to an aircraft for the duration of its journey, and at the Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facilities, which track and provide service to aircraft approaching and departing between 5 and 50 miles of an airport and most recently from Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) facilities, which track and provide service to aircraft on the airport surface and immediate vicinity. PDARS is extremely versatile. It can analyze operations of a single flight, operations within one airspace volume, facility, airport, or larger airspace system. It can look at single days or multiple days, limited only by the available data. PDARS has many applications for ATM safety assurance.
I-SIM is a commercial off the shelf product used for Air Traffic Control training, airspace analysis, advanced Human Machine Interface development, and UAS integration. For NextGen’s Metroplex projects, I-SIM is enabling deeper understanding of what-if scenarios, providing metrics reporting and providing valuable, flexible rapid airspace design alternative testing. Additionally, I-SIM can greatly enhance developmental and recurrent training for air traffic controllers. It is also the only system which uses the exact same display and user interface devices as the automation systems in FAA facilities. One of I-SIM’s major benefits is its ability to rapidly create scenarios with real world data via integration with actual air traffic data such as the FAA’s PDARS system. This allows controllers to train in real situations and compare results with the actual decisions made, providing immediate feedback to develop and refine skills in ways traditional ATC training systems can’t begin to match.
Simmod PRO!
Advanced Simulation Tool for Analyses Simmod PRO!® provides the flexibility and power of true rules-based modeling capability through the innovative implementation of a generalized simulation scripting language. This greatly expands the capabilities to simulate the dynamics, variability, site-specific features and situation-specific factors in air traffic operations. Simmod PRO! was developed in 1997 and maintains its state-of-the-art capabilities through continuous application for customers such as FAA and DoD for their most complex airspace and airfield operational modeling and simulation challenges. Simmod PRO!'s modeling power is derived from the user-defined rules that query the state of the simulation and provide dynamic decision-making. Each step of a flight can be controlled based on user-defined rules that respond to the ever-changing conditions in the air or on the ground. Simmod PRO! provides the capability to conduct complex simulation analyses not achievable by other modeling tools currently on the market. Simmod PRO! is faster than real time.
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  • Welcome to the ATCA